Our Vision

student and teacher

By the early 2020s, virtually every U.S. middle school and high school student will be issued their own portable computer. Today’s chromebooks and other internet based computers provide 11+" screens, wireless connectivity, almost no set-up and maintenance costs, and prices below $200. These computers are capable of grading mathematical homework and tests instantly, reducing teacher workload and freeing teachers up to help students in more creative and fulfilling ways. Our interactive online textbooks lead students to discover mathematical concepts and facts for themselves, while providing immediate feedback and correction. For instance, students vary parameters using sliders, observe resulting changes both graphically and numerically, answer questions about the changes, and see their answers checked, all in real time.

An unlimited number of randomly generated exercises are included, and they adapt in difficulty in response to each student’s answers. Assessment data can be generated automatically without disruptive high-pressure tests. Tutors and mentors can connect with students both locally and remotely. With fewer in-class lectures, students naturally work at their own personal pace, alone or in small groups. With less rote learning and mind-numbing drill, more students will choose STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors. The need for remedial math courses at community colleges will decrease. Increased practice in quantitative reasoning and logical thinking will prepare students for better careers and citizenship.