Interactive textbooks using guided discovery

In , shouldn’t every student have access to the most educational use of technology possible?

With Mathscribe, that possibility becomes reality.

We’ve built the technology into our textbooks to engage students and empower teachers.

Mathscribe is no longer operating as a business. We are leaving these assignments and courses online for you to explore and use for free.

Truly Interactive

Students manipulate dynamic graphs inside the lessons, gaining a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts.

Students get instant feedback on all lessons, exercises and tests, confirming comprehension as they progress through the course.

Try it! Slide the sliders controlling the graph of $y=ax^2+bx+c$.

Highly Effective

An unlimited number of adaptive exercises and hints meets students at their level, then challenges them to go further.

Students can work at their own pace, moving forward only after they’ve grasped key concepts.

Our guided discovery approach engages students in their own learning, leading them to experience their own ‘eureka’ moments.

Extremely Efficient

Our software automatically grades all lessons, exercises and tests, freeing teachers to put their energy where it’s needed most.

Mathscribe’s gradebook and detailed test results enable teachers to closely track student progress.

Try it! See what it feels like to grade a test with a single click.
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Watch the video to see how it all comes together:

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