Mathscribe — Learning through Guided Discovery

We provide a free interactive online textbook for Common Core Algebra 1. The interactive lessons use dynamic graphing and guided discovery to strengthen and connect symbolic and visual reasoning. They give the student a hands-on visual introduction to all Common Core Algebra 1 topics, reinforced by adaptive exercises and randomly generated tests. All exercises and tests are checked and graded automatically.

We recommend our approach for all students, but especially for visual learners or students who struggle with traditional Algebra 1 textbooks or courses. As in all approaches, the teacher plays a key role for most students. By removing the need for hand grading and all but the occasional lecture, we free teachers up to answer questions and help students. We hope to put the fun back in teaching.

Our interactive textbook has three key advantages over a static textbook or lectures:

Students please choose a course:
Common Core Algebra 1
Common Core Algebra 1 — Grade 8 (Accelerated)

Teachers may prefer a course outline with Common Core standards, and links to full lessons with all examples available to preview (you won't have to complete each section before moving on to see the next one):
Common Core Algebra 1 (for teacher preview)
Common Core Algebra 1 — Grade 8 (Accelerated) (for teacher preview)

You can also download our jqMath JavaScript module for web page authors.